45 - Minrok

Bio Edit

Moves Edit

Name Level To Use Power Element
Squirm 1 25 Basic
Combo Attack 6 30 Basic
Punch 12 40 Basic
Agile Strike 17 50 Basic


Name Seed Rarity
Heartland BR 2 Uncommon
Lagoon 2C 2 Uncommon
Mutant Forest 2 Common
Heartland MM 2 Common
Rockies 1A 2 Common
Road to Bloody Ice 2 Common
Green Despair Jungle 2B 2 Common
Green Despair Jungle 1B 2 Very Common


Minrok is a Earth and basic monster found in many locations in the world. Minrok is a snake-like monster about 6 feet in length fully grown. Minrok is covered with bushes which it gets energy from the sun with their stone hard jaws they can hunt other monsters crushing them with great strenght by coiling them or use their jaws insead because of this ability Minrok dont have many enemies and many monsters will just avoid them

Minrok stats(these stats can be changed)

Stats: 10 Health: 3 Attack: 5 Defense: 4 Speed: 5 Intelligence: 3


Minrok evolves to Minryde @ level 27