Frillarky is a 2nd and final evolved form of Lealil.


Frillarky are large, powerful, and lithe. They are known among tamers for their great jaw strength, speed, and beautiful coloration. Males often lack the green coloration Frillarky are known for. They only eat large pray items, and may, upon meeting another individual, hunt in teams. These pairs soon disperse, and the again-solitary monster will continue hunting on it's own.

They are a solitary, wandering monster that has no specific habitat. Frillarky retains it's premutations' ability to shift color, allowing it to blend in a variety of habitats. They are most commonly found in open plains, where large game gather.

Upon mating, a gravid female will commute to a humid rain forest. There, she will seek out a damp spot to bury her eggs. She will stay over the next few months to supervise their incubation and hatching. The female will, after weak from laying, camouflage against the forest greenery in order to ambush prey.


Level 1: Body Slam

Level 35: Elite Strike

Level 46: Terra Blade

Level 52: Rolling Rubble




Lealil --Lv20> Arrlis-- Lv40> Frillarky