Bio Edit


619 - Fertril

Moves Edit

Name Level To Use Power Element
Tail Strike 1 40 Basic
Deep Claw 32 45 Basic
Elite Strike 37 70 Basic
Terra Spirit Ball 40 80 Earth
Dragonic Slash 43 80 Ancient


Monster cannot be located on any of the maps

Fertril Stats(these stats can be changed)

Stats: 12 Health: 5 Attack: 6 Defense: 4 Speed: 5 Intelligence: 5

Fertril is a Earth and Ancient type bipedal dinosaur like monster with leaves on its back and tail like ferleaf can absorb energy from the sun from these leaves it is extremely rare in the wild Tamers can try to find one but chances are slim. Fertril unlike ferleaf Fertril is aggressive and will attack its enemies and predators alike its dragonic slash move can crush boulders

Mutation Edit

Ferleaf --Lv14-> Fertril --Lv38-> Fertyran