Arrlis is the 1 evolved form of Lealil.


Arrlis are solitary monsters that live in tall grasses. They eat mainly small rodents and insects, occasionally chewing on flowering grass. When disturbed, they emit a loud drumming sound that scares off most predators. They are small, lithe reptilian monsters that are prone to flight upon being seen. Though they are known for their shyness in the wild, tamed Arrlis are extremely loyal monsters.

Males are almost completely solitary, never staying with a mate or children. However, in rare cases, females may stay with their children for years. These "hand-raised" Arrlis are more likely to stay in mated pairs than remain solitary throughout their lives.

Upon mutating from Lealil, Arrlis will descend from the trees and search for the densely grassed areas that they are prone to live in. The tall grasses will completely conceal them for view, and allow for optimal ambush opportunity. These shy creatures prefer ambush to confrontation and chase. Wild Arrlis may have a tan coloration to help them blend, rather than the bright green most tamed Arrlis display.


Level 1: Gnaw

Level 20: Tail Strike

Level 25: Body Slam

Level 32: Dig Bomb




Lealil --Lv20> Arrlis --Lv40> Frillarky